Our routine sample

Although everyday is different when childminding I do have some structure to our days as babies and children love to know what is coming next and it helps them to feel more confident and secure. Our days are relaxed and fun and a mix of both adult and child led activities as required by the EYFS. I ensure children have plenty of free access to choose their own resources as well as setting up activities that are geared towards the children’s current interests.


You may download our routine sample using the link below:

Please note:

- The routine can be adapted to suit individual children needs, i.e. if your child sleeps in the morning instead of after lunch then provision can be made for this.

- Activities will vary in the holidays, when there will be trips out with school age children, whilst also taking into account the needs of the younger children in the setting.

- Part of each day will be spent outdoors, as not only is this a requirement of EYFS, but it is also beneficial for the children to get used to and enjoy fresh air and a variety of activities.

- Examples of morning learning activities include working with Kumon books, music lessons and singing, rhythmic lessons and other learning activities.

- Example of active outside activities include active games on playground, sports ground where children will learn how to play different active games with ball, relay races. When outside activities are joined with learning we will visit the farm, feed the animals, collect leaves to make collages, visits to the library and local shops to learn about the local community, and many more.

We trying to make all our activities more interesting so every week we will have a different themed activities such as Pirates week, Science week, Art week, different religions and cultural celebration weeks and many more. So when we paint, sticking, gluing, cooking, playing with play dough and

do other activities we will try to make them themed and more interesting and cognitive for children.

Routine sample