Healthy eating for kids

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important for everyone, but children in particular need to receive all of the necessary nutrients for growth and development. A healthy diet and regular physical activity can stabilise energy, sharpen the mind and improve mood - allowing children to maximise their potential both inside and outside of school. The good news - it doesn't have to be difficult either. I pay a lot of attention to the meal quality and taste as I believe that the good eating habits are coming from childhood. Therefore, I have completed the Child Nutrition and Cooking course from Stanford university*, have a close knowledge of Jamie's Oliver Kitchen Garden* project where children are taught how to grow up herbs and vegetables and how to use them in healthy cooking as well as I aim to participate in Eat Better Start Better programme from Children's Food Trust*. When creating our menus I use the voluntary Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years Settings in England provided by Children Food Trust.

Benefits of healthy eating for children

Research into the eating habits we develop as children has suggested that a healthy diet during the early years means we stand a good chance of carrying these habits throughout our lives. In short, educating children on healthy eating can lay the path for a healthy life.

Eating well and engaging in regular physical activity can help children to:

- develop strong bones

- grow healthily

- concentrate at school

- maintain a healthy weight

- stay active and alert.

On a long-term basis, maintaining a healthy diet throughout childhood and into adulthood could also hold significant benefits, including helping to lower the risk of the following:

- type 2 diabetes

- high blood pressure

- cholesterol levels

- heart disease

- stroke

- joint problems

- breathing problems

- being overweight or obese

Healthy Eating

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