What is a Childminder? Why choose a Childminder?

Registered childminders are self-employed childcare professionals who work in their own homes caring for other people’s children. They care for small numbers of children in their home-setting and will often care for a range of ages. They also offer school/nurseries ollect/drop off.

You shall choose a childminder if you are looking for a home-to-home childcare that offer more personal touch than day nurseries. Childminders are able to take easy advantage of real-life learning experiences like outings to the park and library. Childminder can take your child to the language club or ballet dance like it would do a nanny. But there are also other children in childminder's setting so children learn to socialise and make a friends. Just like other forms of registered childcare, childminders are regulated and inspected by Ofsted.

How many children do you care for at the same time?

Our group is limited to 6 children.

Do you provide nappies, wipes etc?

You are required to provide nappies, wipes, creams, sunscreen and a change of clothes for your child. Please provide outdoor clothing appropriate for the weather - hats & gloves for winter, sun hat, cardigans or lightweight coat for summer, etc. Please bring a coat for your child regardless of the weather. Please ensure your child has appropriate footwear for outings/walks so that their feet are well protected.

Do I sign a contract?

You will be asked to sign a contract which is legally binding and will protect both you and I. The contract will specific to your child's care. You also will be asked to sign some permission forms. Please, make sure that you are aware of all the policies, procedures, permissions and terms and conditions of contract before signing.

What information do you keep about me/my child?

I will record information about your child such as full name, date of birth, address, doctor's surgery, emergency contacts, routines, likes & dislikes, comfort items/techniques, allergies, hours of care, fees, etc. You will have access to this information about your own child, but not any other children.

This information may be shared with appropriate bodies if changes in a child's behaviour/physical body are not explained adequately (e.g. Social Services). This is detailed in my Child Protection Policy.

Can I come to visit you to help me decide whether to use your service?

Of course! I would ask that you and your child come to visit. It is important for you to see how your child and I interact. I am a parent myself, and am open to questions you may have, please feel free to note down anything you wish to ask and bring this along to our first visit. If you think of further questions after our visit, you are more than welcome to phone or email me. Deciding who will care for your child is a big decision!

What language are you speaking with children in your setting ?

In my Equal Opportinities policy it is clearly stated that I accept children of all ages, cultures, nationalities and native languages. The spoken language also depends on the parents requests. If all children are from Russian-speaking or bilingual families and parents will allow me to speak with their children in Russian then our daily language will be Russian. But as this is EYFS requirement we will learn English as part of our everyday studies to ensure that children English level allows them to be ready to school and that their level of development comply with Early Years goals.